Character Dialogue
C-goofy-main You brought hot chocolate?! That's my favorite brainstormin' treat. How'd you know that, pal?
C-mickey mouse-main I guess 'cause I'm your pal, pal! Ha-ha!
C-mickey mouse-main Well, come on, we gotta put our heads together to fix our Pete problem and bring happiness back to the Kingdom!

Make a Plan

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mickey mouse-main
Level 1
Send Mickey and Goofy to make a plan. *
"Make a Plan at Mickey's"
10s Xp5, M-magic50
Level 1

* Requires Mickey's House

Character Dialogue
C-mickey mouse-main So what did we decide the plan was again?
C-goofy-main We decided that I'm gonna start a band with Pete!
C-mickey mouse-main We did?
C-mickey mouse-main Gosh, maybe I should cut down on the hot chocolate. That doesn't make any sense at all.
C-mickey mouse-main Well, maybe if he's playin' music, Pete won't have time to bother our friends.


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