Character Dialogue
C-john darling The nursery has its comforts... but there's no substitute for the great outdoors!
C-john darling I find that "roughing it" every now and again does wonders for the constitution.
C-john darling Ah... by which I mean, I quite like sleeping in the Lost Boys' tree!

Making Camp

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-john darling
Level 5
Send John to relax at the Lost Boys' Hideout. *
"Relax at the Hideout"
12h Xp30, M-magic250

* Requires Lost Boys' Hideout

Character Dialogue
C-john darling Good heavens... That's certainly enough of THAT for a while.
C-john darling The Twins refused to make room in their hammock... And Cubby sat on my Sunday hat by accident!
C-john darling If I'd WANTED a fur hat, I'd have jolly well brought one with me in the first place...
C-john darling I suppose there's something to be said for the nursery after all!


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