Character Dialogue
C-mamá coco This is the first time I have been back to the Land of the Living since going to the other side...
C-mamá coco But it is so nice to see all of my old favorite people and places again! And so easy to walk around, too...
C-mamá coco Being an old lady is very hard, but being a new skeleton... well, I am lighter on my feet in more ways than one!

Mamá's Day Out

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mamá coco
Level 1
Send Coco to take a stroll.
"Take a Stroll"
2h M-xp10, Update-34-m-currency75
Character Dialogue
C-mamá coco Ahhh... That is so refreshing!
C-mamá coco I wonder if, later today, I could climb all the way up to my secret room in the attic, at the hacienda...
C-mamá coco I never told my Mamá when were alive -- but I used to keep my dancing slippers there, so that nobody would find them!
C-mamá coco I wonder if anyone has been using it since then?


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