Character Dialogue
C-squirt-fn ... It was TOTALLY Little Blue, dude! Surfing her own little whirlpool in the EAC, all by herself!
C-nemo-fn That's great, Squirt! Uh... where IS she, though?
C-squirt-fn Yeah... that's the bummer, dude. She was yelling "wheeeee" so loud, I don't even think she saw us when we waved at her!
C-nemo-fn Haha! Well, that's definitely Dory. I think I know how we can get her to pay attention to us, though...

Mark the Way

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 5
Send Nemo to find purple shells for Dory.
"Find Purple Shells"
2h Xp5, Update-32-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-nemo-fn Okay... I think that's enough shells. If we can all put these down near the EAC, then Dory will see them and find her way to us!
C-nemo-fn If she's not too dizzy from spinning around in a whirlpool, anyway. (That sounds like fun!)
C-nemo-fn I wonder if my dad would let me do that after we get him out? I bet it's REALLY safe! Probably.


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