Character Dialogue
C-maleficent Impossible! How could I have...?!
C-maleficent ... No matter. We shall see how they fare against all the powers of the underworld!!!
C-merlin Blow me to Bermuda... What a performance! At this rate, we'll have swept away this new Curse in no time!
Character Dialogue
C-li shang-ttc An Imperial Army Captain's work is never done -- even in peacetime.
C-li shang-ttc It's my job to ensure our troops are trained and our equipment is in good order... as well as to review reports from our scouts.
C-li shang-ttc It's a lot of paperwork -- but it's worth it to make sure nothing's out of the or... din... Hold on. Am I reading this right?
C-li shang-ttc Uh... excuse me. I have to go... make sure the next thirty pages of this reconnaissance report aren't as strange as the first one.

Maybe It's a Typo?

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-li shang-ttc
Level 1
Send Li Shang to review the strange report.
"Review the Strange Report"
2h T-refresh1, Update-20-m-currency125
Character Dialogue
C-li shang-ttc (... Three whole paragraphs about how loud the screaming was, and then... Wait, is this a recipe for sesame buns in the margin?!)
C-li shang-ttc (... And what's this part about the "secret terror lurking beneath Moo Shung Camp?")
C-li shang-ttc Er... Pardon me, but either we're in EXTREMELY grave danger, or one of our scouts ate some VERY bad tofu while writing this.
C-li shang-ttc And it's my job to figure out which one it is...
C-li shang-ttc I'm just relieved that I had dried salt fish for breakfast today. At least that doesn't spoil!


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