Character Dialogue
C-the sultan Bless my soul... this new Kingdom is delightful! I really should get out of the palace more often... Or... ah... at all, really.
C-the sultan But I'm quite prepared for my first afternoon... ah... "out on the town," I believe the phrase is? Yes: I've done my research!
C-the sultan I even remembered to bring money along! Jasmine told me all of that nasty business with the apple-seller in the marketplace...
C-the sultan I DO hope 8,000 gems will be enough to cover lunch... Perhaps I should have brought 9,000, just in case?

Maybe Try a Money Belt?

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-the sultan
Level 1
Send the Sultan "out on the town."
"Go "Out on the Town""
4h Xp5, M-magic50
Character Dialogue
C-the sultan Good heavens... Why, I've never BEEN so enraptured -- not in all my days!
C-the sultan Why, the wildlife ALONE... Lions! Bears! Crocodiles! It nearly puts my own menagerie to shame!
C-the sultan I even thought I noticed that elusive creature from my animal tower at home... The... ah... the goatish-looking one with the cape?
C-the sultan It was difficult to be QUITE sure about that one, though... He roared at me the moment I got close!
C-the sultan I think I prefer seeing that one as a toy, rather than in the flesh... He's got quite a temper on him!


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