The Merlin's Shop feature was introduced to the game with the Easter, Earth Day Update on 12th April 2017. It is unlocked during the Spring Cleaning quest when Merlin is Level 2.


Exchange your Elixirs (M-elixir) for exclusive goodies, including special items that may not be accessible from the main Shop!

Merlin's Shop Items

Image Name Elixirs
Disney Magic Kingdoms
T-character scroll Character Scroll Token M-elixir600
Mickey and Friends
T-pete-3 Pete Ears Token M-elixir600
T-donald duck-3 Donald Ears Token M-elixir1,000
Toy Story
T-ip-toy story Pixar Ball Token M-elixir75
T-buzz lightyear-3 Buzz Ears Token M-elixir375
T-toy alien-2 Claw Token M-elixir375
T-toy alien-3 Toy Alien Ears Token M-elixir375
T-zurg-3 Zurg Ears Token M-elixir600
Star Wars
T-ip-starwars Kyber Crystal Token M-elixir75
T-c-3po-2 Threepio Arm Token M-elixir150
T-c-3po-3 C-3PO Ears Token M-elixir225
T-r2-d2-2 Data Card Token M-elixir225
T-r2-d2-3 R2-D2 Ears Token M-elixir375
T-eve-3 EVE Ears Token M-elixir375
T-pascal-2 Pascal's Dress Token M-elixir600
T-pascal-3 Pascal Ears Token M-elixir600
T-mother gothel-3 Mother Gothel Ears Token M-elixir1,500
T-chief bogo-2 Chief's Badge Token M-elixir600
T-chief bogo-3 Chief Bogo Ears Token M-elixir600
Lady and the Tramp
T-ip-lady and the tramp Plate of Spaghetti Token M-elixir75
T-trusty-2 Trusty's Bandage Token M-elixir275
T-jock-2 Jock's Coat Token M-elixir275
T-trusty-3 Trusty Ears Token M-elixir375
T-jock-3 Jock Ears Token M-elixir375


Image Name Elixirs
T-f-red star Red Star Fabric Token M-elixir190
T-f-purple button Purple Button Fabric Token M-elixir190
T-f-blue moon Blue Moon Fabric Token M-elixir375
T-f-blue scallop Blue Scallop Fabric Token M-elixir375
T-f-green dot Green Dot Fabric Token M-elixir375
T-f-pirate Pirate Fabric Token M-elixir800
T-f-buttoned classic Buttoned Classic Fabric Token M-elixir800
T-f-orange pattern Orange Pattern Fabric Token M-elixir1,600
T-f-white blue pattern White & Blue Pattern Fabric Token M-elixir1,600
T-f-rope material Rope Material Fabric Token M-elixir1,600


Name Elixirs
The Magic Carpets of Aladdin M-elixir7,500
The Magic Lamp Theater M-elixir7,500
Star Adventurer M-elixir7,500
The Omnidroid City M-elixir7,500
Golden Zephyr M-elixir15,000
Jumpin' Jellyfish M-elixir15,000
Davy Jones's Organ M-elixir30,000
Primeval Whirl M-elixir30,000
The Jolly Roger M-elixir30,000
Toy Story Mania M-elixir30,000
Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress M-elixir30,000




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