The Merlin's Shop feature was introduced to the game with the Easter, Earth Day Update on 12th April 2017. It is unlocked during the Spring Cleaning quest when Merlin is Level 2.


Exchange your Elixirs (M-elixir) for exclusive goodies, including special items that may not be accessible from the main Shop!

Merlin's Shop Items

Token Elixirs
T-ip-toy story Pixar Ball Token M-elixir75
T-ip-the lion king Lion Painting Token M-elixir75
T-ip-mulan Discipline & Strength Token M-elixir75
T-ip-beauty and the beast Rose Token M-elixir75
T-ip-the princess and the frog Gumbo Token M-elixir75
T-ip-aladdin Lamp Token M-elixir75
T-ip-moana Hibiscus Flower Token M-elixir75
T-ip-coco Musical Poster Token M-elixir75
T-ip-frozen Snowflake Token M-elixir75
T-ip-snow white and the seven dwarfs Poison Apple Token M-elixir75
T-eudora-2 Pin Cushion Band Token M-elixir150
T-eudora-3 Eudora Ears Token M-elixir150
T-pumbaa-2 Grubs Token M-elixir150
T-pumbaa-3 Pumbaa Ears Token M-elixir150
T-zero-2 Zero's Tombstone Token M-elixir200
T-buzz lightyear-2 Astro Blasters Blaster Token M-elixir225
T-louis-2 Louis's Trumpet Token M-elixir225
T-charlotte la bouff-2 Face Powder Compact Token M-elixir225
T-prince naveen-2 Swampy Ukulele Token M-elixir225
T-prince naveen-3 Prince Naveen Ears Token M-elixir225
T-elastigirl-3 Elastigirl Ears Token M-elixir225
T-nala-2 Nala Paw Print Token M-elixir225
T-timon-2 Timon's Lei Token M-elixir225
T-timon-3 Timon Ears Token M-elixir225
T-abu-2 Bitten Bread Token M-elixir225
T-abu-3 Abu Ears Token M-elixir225
T-eeyore-2 Thistle Flower Token M-elixir225
T-maui-2 Maui's Fish Hook Token M-elixir225
T-gramma tala-2 Stingray Tapestry Token M-elixir225
T-mamá imelda-2 Imelda's Shoe Token M-elixir225
T-ernesto de la cruz-2 Ernesto de la Cruz Vinyl Token M-elixir225
T-ernesto de la cruz-3 Ernesto de la Cruz Ears Token M-elixir225
T-buzz lightyear-3 Buzz Ears Token M-elixir375
T-eve-3 EVE Ears Token M-elixir375
T-mulan-2 Lotus Hairpiece Token M-elixir375
T-mulan-3 Mulan Ears Token M-elixir375
T-tiana-2 Beignets Token M-elixir375
T-louis-3 Louis Ears Token M-elixir375
T-charlotte la bouff-3 Charlotte La Bouff Ears Token M-elixir375
T-mama odie-2 Gourd Wand Token M-elixir375
T-mama odie-3 Mama Odie Ears Token M-elixir375
T-toy alien-2 Claw Token M-elixir375
T-toy alien-3 Toy Alien Ears Token M-elixir375
T-zero-3 Zero Ears Token M-elixir375
T-nala-3 Nala Ears Token M-elixir375
T-alice-3 Alice Ears Token M-elixir375
T-sleepy-3 Sleepy Ears Token M-elixir375
T-snow white-2 Singing Bluebird Token M-elixir375
T-snow white-3 Snow White Ears Token M-elixir375
T-eeyore-3 Eeyore Ears Token M-elixir375
T-the sultan-2 Animal Figurines Token M-elixir375
T-the sultan-3 Sultan Ears Token M-elixir375
T-maui-3 Maui Ears Token M-elixir375
T-gramma tala-3 Gramma Tala Ears Token M-elixir375
T-pua-3 Pig Tapestry Token M-elixir375
T-pua-3 Pua Ears Token M-elixir375
T-mamá imelda-3 Mamá Imelda Ears Token M-elixir375
T-mamá coco-3 Mamá Coco Ears Token M-elixir375
T-elsa-2 Queen Tiara Token M-elixir375
T-elsa-3 Elsa Ears Token M-elixir375
T-banzai-3 Banzai Ears Token M-elixir375
T-cheshire cat-3 Cheshire Cat Ears Token M-elixir375
T-pleakley-3 Pleakley Ears Token M-elixir375
T-character scroll Character Scroll Token M-elixir600
T-pascal-2 Pascal's Dress Token M-elixir600
T-pascal-3 Pascal Ears Token M-elixir600
T-pete-3 Pete Ears Token M-elixir800
T-zurg-3 Zurg Ears Token M-elixir800
T-chief bogo-2 Chief's Badge Token M-elixir800
T-chief bogo-3 Chief Bogo Ears Token M-elixir800
T-cri-kee-2 Lucky Cricket Cage Token M-elixir800
T-the mayor-2 Mayor's Badge Token M-elixir800
T-tiana-3 Tiana Ears Token M-elixir800
T-dr. facilier-2 Dr. Facilier Pendant Token M-elixir800
T-lefou-3 LeFou Ears Token M-elixir800
T-dr. facilier-3 Dr. Facilier Ears Token M-elixir800
T-donald duck-3 Donald Ears Token M-elixir1,000
T-cri-kee-3 Cri-Kee Ears Token M-elixir1,500
T-mother gothel-3 Mother Gothel Ears Token M-elixir1,500
T-the mayor-3 Mayor Ears Token M-elixir1,500

Fabric Token Elixirs
T-f-red star Red Star Fabric Token M-elixir190
T-f-purple button Purple Button Fabric Token M-elixir190
T-f-blue moon Blue Moon Fabric Token M-elixir375
T-f-blue scallop Blue Scallop Fabric Token M-elixir375
T-f-green dot Green Dot Fabric Token M-elixir600
T-f-buttoned classic Buttoned Classic Fabric Token M-elixir800
T-f-pirate Pirate Fabric Token M-elixir500
T-f-orange pattern Orange Pattern Fabric Token M-elixir1,000
T-f-white blue pattern White & Blue Pattern Fabric Token M-elixir1,000
T-f-rope material Rope Material Fabric Token M-elixir1,600

Kingdom Elixirs
The Magic Carpets of Aladdin M-elixir7,500
The Magic Lamp Theater M-elixir7,500
Star Adventurer M-elixir7,500
The Omnidroid City M-elixir7,500
Golden Zephyr M-elixir15,000
Jumpin' Jellyfish M-elixir15,000
Davy Jones's Organ M-elixir30,000
Primeval Whirl M-elixir30,000
The Jolly Roger M-elixir30,000
Toy Story Mania M-elixir30,000
Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress M-elixir30,000


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