Minnie's Parasols is a mini event where you help Minnie spot her lost parasols! Tap them to win exclusive prizes!


Minnie's Parasols #1

Minnie's Parasols #1 started on 18th January 2019 and ended on 23rd January 2019, lasting 5 days.

  • Parasols are spawned in groups of 10 every 4 hours. A total of 300 this event.

Milestone Rewards
1 M-parasol5 M-wish-content 10
2 M-parasol20 Minnie's Tea Table
3 M-parasol50 M-gem10
4 M-parasol90 Minnie Ears Stand

Rank Rewards
1-10 M-gem25, Platinum Chest
11-50 M-gem15, Platinum Chest
51-150 M-gem10
151-500 M-gem7
501-1,500 M-gem4
1,501-2,500 M-gem2

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