Minnie Rocks the Dots is a mini event where you help Minnie spot her lost parasols! Tap them to win prizes!


Minnie Rocks the Dots

Minnie Rocks the Dots started on 25th January 2018 and ended on 1st February 2018, lasting 7 days.

  • This mini event coincided with National Polka Dot Day on 22nd January 2018, and Minnie receiving her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Parasols are spawned in groups of 10 every 4 hours. A total of 420 this event.

Milestone Rewards
1 M-parasol5 M-wish-ecstatic10
2 M-parasol30 M-gem2
3 M-parasol70 Minnie's Tea Table
4 M-parasol125 Minnie Ears Stand

Rank Rewards
1-10 M-gem20, Platinum Enchanted Chest
11-50 M-gem10, Platinum Enchanted Chest
51-150 M-gem7, Platinum Enchanted Chest
151-500 M-gem7
501-1,500 M-gem4
1,501-3,500 M-gem2

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