Character Dialogue
C-rafiki This is new! I have not been here before, and old Rafiki has been many places.
C-rafiki Well, it is as I say... To find out where you are... first, you must find out where you are NOT!

Monkeying Around

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Rafiki to figure out where he isn't.
"Figure Out Where I'm Not"
60m M-xp5, Update-12-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-rafiki To find out where you are... find out where you are NOT... To find out where you are...
C-rafiki ... AHA! Rafiki has the answer!
C-rafiki I am NOT... IN THE PRIDE LANDS!
C-rafiki More than that, I do not know. But... it does not matter! Because you see... Where you ARE is where you are meant to be!
C-rafiki So, here I am! And it is a most interesting place indeed.


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