Mother's Day Sale 2016

7th May 2016

The Mother's Day Sale 2016 gave players the opportunity to purchase several premium items at a discounted cost. The sale was available for a limited time starting on 7th May 2016.


Cost On Sale Saving
Fantasia Gardens and Fairways M-gem230 M-gem161 30%
Mad Tea Party M-gem195 M-gem117 40%
Mike and Sulley to the Rescue M-gem130 M-gem91 30%
Pluto's House M-gem60 M-gem45 25%
RC Racers M-gem125 M-gem100 20%
Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop M-gem175 M-gem140 20%
WALL-E's House M-gem95 M-gem81 14%


Cost On Sale Saving
1-Stop Apprentice Shop M-gem35 M-gem25 28%
Anniversary Hat Stand M-gem200 M-gem100 50%


Cost On Sale Saving
Blocking Materials M-gem20 M-gem10 50%
CDA Monument: Heroes of Espionage M-gem95 M-gem48 49%
Hand-Carved Bird Bath M-gem35 M-gem25 28%


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