Mother, May I? is where the Act 3: Fantasyland ends....
Character Dialogue
C-rapunzel-main Where are the lanterns?
C-mother gothel-main Oh, Rapunzel... You gullible fool. Did you really think that someone was going to help you with your silly idea?
C-mother gothel-main Now come home with me and I won't punish your little thief friend for kidnapping you.
C-rapunzel-main Mother? I wasn't kidnapped... I ran away! And my idea wasn't silly; it will make people here happier.

Mother, May I?

Send up to 3 characters to Defeat Mother Gothel a total of 27 times!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2
Break Free from Mother 4h Xp20, M-magic650
Level 3
Help Rapunzel Break Free! 4h Xp20, M-magic650
Level 2
Rein in Gothel 4h Xp20, M-magic650
Character Dialogue
C-rapunzel-main I... just hit my mother with a frying pan. I feel bad about that...
C-flynn-main Don't feel bad! It was awesome!
C-flynn-main So Rapunzel, now that you're really free... shall we get this lantern festival ready for the Kingdom?
C-rapunzel-main Yes, that sounds like a perfect idea.
C-merlin-main It appears that the person behind this attack has increased the strength of the Curse.
C-merlin-main It's going to take a bit more time to counter this part of the Curse.


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