Mother needs to finish something first.

Mother Gothel was released with Tangled Part 2, Mickey & Friends Part 2, Sleeping Beauty Update on 4th May 2016, and is a part of the Tangled character collection.


Mother Gothel is the main antagonist of Disney's 2010 animated feature film, Tangled. She is Cassandra's biological mother.

Mother Gothel presents herself with a theatrical flair, often flaunting her beauty and curvaceous appearance with much enthusiasm and dramatics. This ties into the fact that Gothel is a phenomenal actress, dangerous manipulator, and riddled with intelligence.

Aside from the magic golden flower she selfishly uses to prolong her life, and her life alone, Mother Gothel lacks magical attributes, relying solely on her intellect to achieve her ambitions. She is also very possessive and selfish, which can easily be seen through the fact that she had been hoarding the magical flower for hundreds of years, which could have, instead, been a gift to share with an ailing world.


Level Requirements Time Rewards
Welcome T-ip-tangled30 T-mother gothel-220 T-mother gothel-310 M-magic95,000 24h M-cross
Level 2 T-ip-tangled5 T-mother gothel-21 M-magic2,850 36s M-gem1, Xp15
Level 3 T-ip-tangled5 T-mother gothel-21 T-mother gothel-31 M-magic4,300 6m M-gem1, Xp18
Level 4 T-ip-tangled6 T-mother gothel-22 T-mother gothel-31 M-magic6,450 35m M-gem1, Xp21
Level 5 T-ip-tangled6 T-mother gothel-23 T-mother gothel-31 M-magic8,400 60m M-gem2, Xp24
Level 6 T-ip-tangled8 T-mother gothel-23 T-mother gothel-32 M-magic10,900 2h M-gem2, Xp27
Level 7 T-ip-tangled8 T-mother gothel-24 T-mother gothel-32 M-magic14,150 4h M-gem3, Xp30
Level 8 T-ip-tangled10 T-mother gothel-25 T-mother gothel-33 M-magic18,400 8h M-gem3, Xp33
Level 9 T-ip-tangled12 T-mother gothel-26 T-mother gothel-33 M-magic23,900 16h M-gem3, Xp36
Level 10 T-ip-tangled15 T-mother gothel-28 T-mother gothel-35 M-magic31,050 24h M-gem5, Xp39

Lvl Activity + Time Rewards Tokens
10 M-animation My Flower M-c-rapunzel
Lvl ?
60m M-xp9, M-magic55
2 Hazelnut Soup Dinner
* Rapunzel's Tower
Lvl ?
2h M-xp13, M-magic100 T-bullseye-2
1 M-animation The Vain Life 4h M-xp13, M-magic110 T-ip-tangled T-captain barbossa-2 T-oogie boogie-3
5 Spy on Royalty
* Princess Fairytale Hall
6h M-xp16, M-magic155 T-huey-2 T-louie-2
7 Recruit Help for Plans
* Snuggly Duckling
8h M-xp20, M-magic200 T-flynn-3 T-bagheera-2
4 Keeping House
* Rapunzel's Tower
12h M-xp29, M-magic275 T-f-orange pattern T-shere khan-3

Lvl Activity + Time Rewards
A Merry Unbirthday Event 2017
7 Recruit Help for Plans
* Snuggly Duckling
8h M-xp20, Update-15-m-currency65
This Is Halloween Event 2016
1 M-animation The Vain Life 4h M-xp13, Update-5-m-currency75


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  • Mother Gothel is one of the few characters in the game who has a different musical theme from the other characters in his franchise collection when he is unlocked/level up.


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