Character Dialogue
C-héctor rivera Ah... Imelda? Sorry if this is out of line, but... does it ever bother you that you sang "La Llorona" with Ernesto, there on stage?
C-mamá imelda Hmph... If it did, I got over it. De la Cruz is a pig, yes -- but why should one forced duet ruin a perfectly good song?
C-héctor rivera Well... I mean, that song... it was kind of OUR thing! The lyrics LITERALLY go: "If it costs me my life, I won't stop loving you!"
C-mamá imelda ... Héctor, if you want to ask me to sing "La Llorona" with you, then just ASK me that.
C-héctor rivera Aheh... Okay, then! This is me: asking you. ... That. It would really mean a lot to me...?

Music and Lyrics

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mamá imelda
Level 6
Send Imelda and Héctor to sing a duet.
"Sing a Duet"
4h M-xp5, Update-34-m-currency50
C-héctor rivera
Level 1
Character Dialogue
C-héctor rivera HA! Take THAT, Ernesto -- you spangly stuffed shirt! You may have got the fame, but who got the girl? That's right: THIS guy!
C-mamá imelda Haha...! Why, Héctor... am I imagining things, or are you the tiniest bit jealous over me? It's an unexpectedly good look for you...
C-héctor rivera Heh! Well, you know me, sweetheart: When you're around, I always get "un poco loco"!
C-mamá imelda Yes... well I was always of two minds about that song. As far as I know, you were loco to begin with!


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