Character Dialogue
C-minnie mouse-main Oh Goofy, do you remember how the Kingdom used to be filled with such pretty music?
C-goofy-main Gawrsh, I play my tuba every day; does that count?
C-minnie mouse-main Um... sure. Say, would you like a little ukulele accompaniment?

Music to My Ears

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-minnie mouse-main
Level 2
Ask Minnie to strum a tune.
"Strum a Tune"
18h Xp25, M-magic150
Character Dialogue
C-goofy-main Gawrsh Minnie, that sure was swell! I don't know how we got along without ya!
C-minnie mouse-main To be honest, Goofy, neither do I. Hee-hee!
C-minnie mouse-main The tuba's very nice, but a ukulele is music to my ears!


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