Character Dialogue
C-captain barbossa Spirited away from me, my ship was... one moment I'm sailin' off the coast of Pelegosto, and the next, I'm in this cursed land.
C-captain barbossa But as it happens... I may have a clue as to the vessel's whereabouts. And I'd be willing to share it, too... for the right price.
C-will turner There would HAVE to be a price with you, wouldn't there?
C-captain barbossa Why, Master Turner -- I don't appreciate your tone! How else do you expect a humble buccaneer like me to make a living?

Name Your Price

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-captain barbossa
Level 1
Send Barbossa and Will to talk terms at the Tavern. *
"Talk Terms at the Tavern"
4h M-xp30, M-magic250
C-will turner
Level 6

* Requires Tortuga Tavern.

Character Dialogue
C-captain barbossa We're agreed, then. One freshly made cutlass -- smithed by yourself -- in exchange for my aid.
C-will turner ... AND in exchange for not stabbing me in the back immediately after we find the ship.
C-captain barbossa *sigh* ... Fine. But only because I'm feelin' charitable.
C-captain barbossa Don't expect I'll make a habit of it, either.


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