Character Dialogue
C-woody-main Well, I guess I owe Hamm an apology... That ended up being one of the best playtimes I've ever had!
C-woody-main All that, and we didn't even have time to look around that new Western playset...
C-bullseye-main ... ?
C-woody-main ... Yeah! You're right! There's GOTTA be more to discover out there! ... Besides Hamm's air horn pile, anyway.
C-woody-main Saddle up, Bullseye -- let's go exploring!

New Horizons (2)

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 7
Send Woody and Bullseye to ride out together.
"Ride Out Together"
24h M-xp25, M-magic200
Level 3
Character Dialogue
C-woody-main WOW! It's even better than I imagined!
C-bullseye-main !!!
C-woody-main You said it, boy! I've GOTTA tell Jessie about this... Ooh, and Buzz too! Maybe he'd be up for playing Marshal again...
C-woody-main One thing's for sure... We've got plenty of new stories to tell!
C-woody-main ... And I can't WAIT to tell them!


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