Character Dialogue
C-simba-lk Scar's got the local hyenas convinced he'll help them. And there are too many of them clustered up to fight all at once.
C-simba-lk If they knew what the hyenas in the Pride Lands think of my uncle, they'd never believe him.
C-simba-lk ...But there's no time to change their minds! We'll have to separate them. Then, we can show them how weak Scar REALLY is!

No Laughing Matter

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-hyenas Find 60 Hyenas.
"Spawn rate: 10 every 5 minutes"
25m M-gem2, M-xp5, Update-12-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-simba-lk We did it! It'll be tricky, but I SHOULD be able to push my way through to Scar, now...
C-simba-lk We'll see how brave he is when he doesn't have any lackeys to hide behind.
C-simba-lk I'd call him a cowardly snake...but that would be an insult to snakes.
C-simba-lk I have a couple of wolf snakes in my diplomatic corps. Nicest guys you'll ever meet!


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