Character Dialogue
C-gaston-ttc Enough! I'm going outside... And I'm bringing my muscles with me!
C-gaston-ttc Nothing gets me feeling like my AMAZING self again like my thousands of fans admiring me while I dead-lift something!
C-gaston-ttc You know... something heavy! And short! And that's always saying how great I am!
C-gaston-ttc ... I'M GOING OUTSIDE!!!

No One... Uh... What?

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Gaston to NOT work through some stuff.
2h T-refresh1, Update-20-m-currency800
Character Dialogue
C-gaston-ttc GRR...!!! HOW am I supposed to FLEX right without SOMEBODY to hold a mirror up in front of me so I can see how GOOD I am at it?!
C-gaston-ttc *sigh* ... * just... have to admit it! NOTHING can make me feel better... Nothing except--
C-lefou-ttc Hiya Gaston! Didja miss me?
C-gaston-ttc LEFOU! Er... I mean... HA! You were away? If it weren't for how ridiculous you sounded just now, I wouldn't have even noticed!
C-gaston-ttc Now: My boots haven't been polished in ages, so GET TO IT!


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