Character Dialogue
C-gaston LeFou! My oldest, most trusted friend! How are yo feeling on this WONDERFUL day?
C-lefou Gaston...! You... uh... Well, I'm REALLY happy you actually asked! For starters, my foot fungus just cleared up, and--
C-gaston HA HA HA! That certainly is something I'M interested in!
C-gaston Why, its ALMOST as interesting as how we were BOTH relaxing at the tavern last night! Between midnight and dawn!
C-lefou ... What? But we weren't-- Ohhh. I get it now!

No One Alibis like LeFou!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 5
Send LeFou and Gaston to review their story.
"Review Their Story"
12h M-xp5, M-magic50
Level ?
Character Dialogue
C-gaston ... So! Just to make ABSOLUTELY SURE we both remember: If anybody asks, I was playing darts with YOU last night...
C-lefou ... Instead of trying to jimmy open Belle's window at the castle but knocking yourself out with the crowbar by accident! HA!
C-gaston WHY YOU LITTLE...! (Ahem.) Yes. That is EXACTLY the kind of thing that I WASN'T DOING.
C-lefou You got it! Whatever you say, Gaston... you can count on me to say it, too!
C-lefou *snrk...* You gotta admit, though: What you WEREN'T doing WAS kinda funny!


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