Character Dialogue
C-maui-moana Ahhh... This is living! Up on top of a giant pirate ship, dodging blowdarts, fighting Kakamora... Just like old times, right?
C-moana-moana Ha! Sort of... Except for how YOU actually think I'm competent now, and *I* don't think you're a Tamatoa-sized jerk.
C-maui-moana Ohhh, I see how it is! All right, all right... Point: Moana. I'll tell Mini-Maui to mark it on the scoreboard.
C-moana-moana Thanks! And remember: We're not FIGHTING Kakamora, we're STALLING them! This is just until my parents find enough supplies...


Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-boat repair materials token Collect Boat Repair Materials.
120h * M-xp5, Update-29-m-currency50

* 76h with Gramma Tala or Hei Hei. 56h with both.

Character Dialogue
C-moana-moana All right... This is it. Ready, Dad?
C-chief tui-moana Always.
C-moana-moana Okay. Ahem... Kakamora! I, Moana of Motunui...
C-chief tui-moana And I, Chief Tui of Motunui... bring you the well-wishes of our people, and beg forbearance for any pain we have caused you.
C-moana-moana We know what it is to face the spreading darkness... To be trapped in one place. No ship... No PEOPLE deserve that.
C-moana-moana But we have repaired your boat... and you, like us, can sail free again! The horizon is calling you. Now: Go and answer it!
C-moana-moana (... Did that work? I REALLY hope it worked.)


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