Character Dialogue
C-iago You wanna know why I stuck around Jafar for so long? ...Besides the constant threat of death and dismemberment if I left?
C-iago Sure, the guy's a crackpot, but he gave me tons of opportunities to practice my voice imitations.
C-iago Yeah, yeah, laugh it up! I'd like to see ANYONE make a living as a freelance parrot impressionist! See how far THEY get!
C-iago Anyway. It's hard to find a decent practice space around here. I guess that fountain could work...

Okay -- Who Am I Now?

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Iago to demo voices at the Lotus Fountain. *
"Show Off Different Voices"
2h Xp5, M-magic50

* Requires The Lotus Fountain

Character Dialogue
C-iago Nnnnope. Nope, nope, NOPE. Never practicing THERE again!
C-iago What IS it with flamingos? Am I some kinda CATNIP to them, or what?!
C-iago For the love of Mike, we're DIFFERENT SPECIES! The legs ALONE should be a dead giveaway!
C-iago I swear - next time somebody asks me out for a shrimp dinner, I'm sockin' 'em right in the beak...


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