Character Dialogue
C-captain barbossa Ahh... "Captain" Jack Sparrow. We meet again.
C-jack sparrow Ah. Barbossa. Sensing a little hostility from you, mate. Well... more than usual.
C-captain barbossa Relax, Jack... I'm only here to... ah... settle a question of ownership, shall we say. Once and for all.

Old Frenemies

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-jack sparrow
Level 1
Send Jack and Barbossa to "discuss the ship."
"Discuss the Ship"
4h Xp30, M-magic250
C-captain barbossa
Level 2
Character Dialogue
C-captain barbossa Give it up, Jack! That ship is mine by right of possession!
C-jack sparrow ... And mine by the right of it bein' mine first, mate. S'why I had it magicked away from you, you know...
C-captain barbossa WHAT?! YOU were the one who spirited my ship out from under me -- who stranded me here?! I'LL STRIKE YE DOWN WHERE YE--!
C-jack sparrow ... Ah. Yes. You'll forgive my running away just then... but I've just remembered what I did with a certain three-masted galleon.
C-jack sparrow I'm off to see a lady about a ship. Well... SORT of a lady. Definitely a ship, though.


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