Character Dialogue
C-tramp Too bad Tony didn't have Lady's collar back there... but seems like he got the message all the same.
C-tramp I can trust him to get word out to the other humans -- which is good, 'cause in my experience, hardly any of 'em listen to me.
C-tramp (Shame about humans. We dogs understand 'em just fine, but they've got the hardest time understandin' us.)
C-tramp But Tony's help doesn't mean I can just sit back and sightsee while he does all the legwork. I gotta keep lookin' too!

On the Chase

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Tramp to keep retracing his steps.
"Keep Retracing His Steps"
4h M-xp25, M-magic200
Character Dialogue
C-tramp Hmm... Nothing in the park... Well, nothing besides pigeons, anyway. (The bird kind, not the Lady kind.)
C-tramp Where'd we go after the park, again? AAH! I was paying so much attention to Lady, I hardly even remember where I was walking.
C-tramp Let's see... Oh, I DO remember I told her this great dogcatcher joke, only somebody else ended up laughing...
C-tramp Wait... That "somebody"... That was a hyena! We were at the Zoo!
C-tramp Oh... The ZOO... That complicates things a bit...


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