Character Dialogue
C-ariel-tlm I don't know what's going on either, Sebastian... but I don't want it to ruin your show.
C-ariel-tlm I know how important it is to you -- and to my father, too! So... let's rehearse. I think I can get over to the stage from here...
C-sebastian-tlm You can...? I mean... O-Of course! If you insist...

On with the Show!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Sebastian to rehearse with Ariel.
"Rehearse with Ariel"
2h Xp5, Update-23-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-sebastian-tlm No, no, no... Let's go over that part again. You're supposed to be singing a high C...
C-sebastian-tlm (High C... Just like the only place you'll be able to live from now on...)
C-ariel-tlm Sebastian? Are you okay...? What are you thinking about?
C-sebastian-tlm ("Water I'm thinking about...") I mean -- ah, n-nothing!
C-sebastian-tlm (Focus, Sebastian! You are a professional!)


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