Character Dialogue
C-maui-moana ... Aaaand upsy-daisy! So... uh... if you want me to tie you to a palm tree so you don't fall over again, just blink THREE times--
C-moana-moana ... Mmmlrgh!
C-maui-moana Well, what do you know? SHE SPEAKS!
C-moana-moana ... Lrrrrft... th... brrrrrttt...
C-maui-moana ... SORT OF! Any chance you could run that by me again? Your diction's soft of... blowdarty.
C-moana-moana ... Lrrft... th... brrt!!!
C-maui-moana "Lift the boat..." You don't want me to CRUSH it, you want me to FLIP it! Gotcha. One upside-down Kakamora cruiser, coming up!

Once More, with Feeling (2)

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Maui to LIFT the Kakamora Boat...? *
"Lift the Kakamora Boat"
2h M-xp5, Update-29-m-currency50

* Requires Kakamora Boat

Character Dialogue
C-maui-moana ... Okay, so before you say anything -- OR mumble it -- I KNOW I haven't flipped that boat over yet, and that's intentional.
C-maui-moana I've got a whole warmup regimen I have to go through first! Even a demigod can pull a hamstring, you know--
C-maui-moana ... Aaaaand now you're not even anywhere NEAR the rock I propped you up on.
C-maui-moana Great. Just... great.


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