Character Dialogue
C-gramma tala Why am I here? Ha! I'm the village crazy lady, remember? Why shouldn't I be?!
C-gramma tala Just give me a shore to stand by and a story to tell, and there I'll be.
C-gramma tala In fact... I think I know one that suits these shores just fine!

Once Upon a Tala

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-gramma tala
Level 1
Send Gramma Tala to tell a story.
"Tell a Story"
60m Xp5, M-magic75
Character Dialogue
C-gramma tala ... You see, time can be like a river -- flowing from the mountains of the past, down into the future, in the sea.
C-gramma tala But we all know that a river -- like all water -- is mischievous!
C-gramma tala So if it finds a nice place to flow in a whirlpool every now and then, or even back in on itself... Well, who's to say it can't?
C-gramma tala And to those who would ask, "What does that story have to do with anything?" I'd say... I don't have to tell you!
C-gramma tala Just listen... and think about it! Or don't. Either way is fine with me!


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