One Chill Party! is where the Snow White Event 2017 begins....

Character Dialogue
C-mickey mouse-swatsd Oh boy, it's that time of year again! Snow clouds in the air, hot chocolate in the pantry, a warm fire in the fireplace...
C-mickey mouse-swatsd And best of all, a big winter party with all my pals! After Goofy and I finish planning it, that is. Ha-ha!
C-mickey mouse-swatsd And since there's a lot less Curse around than last year, we can make our celebration extra jolly!

One Chill Party!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mickey mouse-swatsd
Level 2
Send Mickey & Goofy to Mickey's House to plan. *
"Plan for Trees"
60s Xp5, Update-16-m-currency50
Level ?

* Requires Mickey's House

Character Dialogue
C-mickey mouse-swatsd Okay, Goof -- if you pick up the marshmallows, I'll make sure we've got the firewood to toast'em!
C-goofy-swatsd Sounds like a plan to me, Mickey!
C-goofy-swatsd Now all we gotta do is figure out how to get those trees outside to stop wanderin' around by themselves.
C-mickey mouse-swatsd Right! ... Wait. Uh... say that again, Goof?
C-mickey mouse-swatsd Trees...?! Really?


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