Character Dialogue
C-cri-kee Chirp!
C-mushu ... You want to WHAT?
C-cri-kee Chirp-chirp!
C-mushu ... For real?! You... uh... you remember when you said you weren't REALLY a lucky cricket, right?
C-cri-kee ... Chirp.
C-mushu Okay, okay! Just don't come crying back to me when you get your thorax busted up, because I WILL have told you so.

One Lucky Bug!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Cri-Kee to try something daring.
"Try Something Daring"
60m M-xp5, M-magic50
Character Dialogue
C-cri-kee Chirp!!!
C-mushu Wow... You really DID cross that street full of traffic without getting run over! And by yourself this time, too!
C-mushu Guess it isn't just Granny Fa who's got a sixth sense for out-of-control rickshaws... I owe you an apology, buddy!
C-cri-kee Chirp! Chirp chirp chirp!


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