Character Dialogue
C-snow white-moana There they go, to work again... Oh, they're such dear little men!
C-snow white-moana I always wait a little while outside their cottage, before my animal friends and I start keeping house, just in case--
C-snow white-moana ... Oh! Haha! Why, there he is now!

One More for the Road

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-snow white-moana
Level 1
Send Snow White and Dopey to say goodbye again.
"Say Goodbye Again"
2h M-xp10, Update-29-m-currency75
Level 1
Character Dialogue
C-dopey !!!
C-snow white-moana I hope you have a lovely day too, Dopey! You WILL work hard for your friends today, won't you?
C-dopey ...?
C-snow white-moana Haha! Well, as long as you can help make them laugh, that's all right too!
C-snow white-moana Dopey makes all of his friends so happy... And that means he makes me happy, too!


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