Character Dialogue
C-maui-fn All right! Next in line, next in line. Where should I sign, and who should I make this out to?
C-moana-fn ... Ahem.
C-maui-fn ... Ah. So... "nowhere," and "angry Moana," respectively. Got it.
C-moana-fn Maui... this celebration is about learning from the past, not about you showing off! You can't just--
C-moana-fn *sigh* ... Let's talk this out. There's gotta be a way that you can be a part of this that DOESN'T make it all about you...

Open Communication (2)

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Moana and Maui to negotiate terms.
"Negotiate Terms"
60m Xp10, Update-32-m-currency75
Level 1
Character Dialogue
C-maui-fn Okay... So, to recap. No foot-racing?
C-moana-fn Nope!
C-maui-fn No tug-of-war?
C-moana-fn Not for you, no.
C-maui-fn And it's REALLY too late to make hook-spinning an official thing? Because I've been working up this theme song for it, and--
C-moana-fn Maui...
C-maui-fn Got it! No competing for THIS demigod -- just cheering the humans on! I guess it WOULD be nice of me not to show them up...
C-moana-fn Yes, it would! And remember: You ARE participating in an event of your own, too...


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