Character Dialogue
C-tony-side Oh no! I just finish closing up the restaurant, and what do I remember? That I forgot I gotta open it back up again!
C-tony-side Tonight's not just any night at Tony's. No, it's the kinda night that only comes 'round once a month, and I can't be late!

Open Late, Private Event

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Tony to reopen his Restaurant.[1]
"Reopen Tony's Restaurant"
8h Xp5, M-magic50
  1. Requires Tony's Restaurant
Character Dialogue
C-tony-side Whew! I got the antipasto out just in time!
C-tony-side Take it from me: These meetings of the restaurant owners are very important!
C-tony-side We talk about who's gonna wash the windows, sweep the sidewalks, yell at the kids playing stickball in the alley.
C-tony-side And most importantly, who's gonna host Butch and Mrs. Butch for their special dates! A lot of competition for that one.
C-tony-side Everybody loves those dogs! And they love everybody's food... but Tony's most of all!


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