Character Dialogue
C-mowgli Wow... I didn't notice that new place before! I think that's where the noise I heard came from, too...
C-mowgli What if whoever made it can't see me? I'm tall for a man-cub, but... um... sort of short for other kinds of animals.
C-mowgli ... I have to get up real high, really quick!

Over Here!!!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Mowgli to keep a lookout for his friends.
"Keep a Lookout for Friends"
12h Xp25, M-magic200
Character Dialogue
C-mowgli Wait... All the way out there, over the hill... Is that... ?
C-mowgli It IS! My wolf howl worked!
C-mowgli Golly... I should probably climb down, then.
C-mowgli He doesn't like it when I get way up high like this -- or when I get into any OTHER kind of trouble, either!
C-mowgli I don't even GET into that much trouble. ... Mostly.


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