Character Dialogue
C-fix-it felix jr. Why, Ralph! What brings you over to this neck of the arcade? Don't tell me you found what you were looking for already!
C-ralph Uh. Yeah... about that. Long story. but... *hrmble mrmble mrmble…*
C-fix-it felix jr. Whoa -- speak up there, brother! For a minute, I could've sworn you said something about a virus!
C-fix-it felix jr. ... Wait. A VIRUS?!?!


Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-fix-it felix jr.
Level 6
Send "Felix.fxit & Ralph.fxit" to "Task.VIRUS"?!?!
8h Xp5, M-magic50
Character Dialogue
C-fix-it felix jr. ... We're gonna go the way of that bugged-out motorcycle game, aren't we?! Pixels all higgledy-piggledy, joystick on the fritz...!
C-fix-it felix jr. ... For the love of Mike, Ralph, I'M TOO YOUNG TO BE OUT OF ORDER!
C-ralph Whoa! Uh... There, there, buddy. I'm not even... like... 110% sure it IS a virus! And even if it is... Well, I've still got it handled.
C-ralph We've been working together for thirty-odd years, Felix... When I say I've got your back, you know I mean it!
C-fix-it felix jr. I... Aw, sheepers, Ralph, of course I do! Sorry for getting riled up... knowing you've got things under control is comfort enough!!
C-fix-it felix jr. But if it turns out you DO need someone to fix a virus with a magic hammer, you just say the word!


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