Character Dialogue
C-bagheera-main Now that we have somewhere you'll be safe for a while, the two of us should talk about how to handle Shere Khan!
C-mowgli-main ... Really? Gee, Bagheera, that actually sounds pretty fun!
C-bagheera-main ... And by "handle Shere Khan," I mean "keep you as far away from him as possible."
C-bagheera-main *sigh...* Never mind...

Panther Knows Best

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Bagheera and Mowgli to Jungle River Drift. *
"To the Jungle "
8h M-xp25, M-magic200
Level 3

* Requires Jungle River Drift

Character Dialogue
C-bagheera-main ... So you see, Mowgli, the only way to keep you out of danger is for you to escape at once -- while I distract Shere Khan.
C-mowgli-main I guess... But it's not the ONLY way. You just didn't like any of my ideas!
C-bagheera-main Yes -- well. I hardly think challenging Shere Khan to a dance competition is the wisest course of action.
C-bagheera-main Tigers aren't exactly known for their sense of humor...


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