Character Dialogue
C-banzai-ttc Now that you're here and everything, Shenzi... Where're you hiding Ed? I figure at least I can call dibs before HE does...
C-shenzi-ttc HA! Last I saw that guy, he was off havin' a staring contest with a weirdly shaped rock... Or however he spends his spare time.
C-shenzi-ttc Point is, we got him on lock in case we need him. Which means the only thing WE gotta do is--
C-banzai-ttc Ooh! Ooh! I know this one! Is it "eat a whole zebra"? Or... No, wait! "Eat TWO whole zebras"!
C-shenzi-ttc NO, gravel-for-brains! It's "make sure the local lions aren't gonna get in our way"! Unless you wanna get eaten yourself...

Peek up the Food Chain

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Shenzi to spy on the local lions.
"Spy on the Local Lions"
60m T-refresh1, M-xp1, Update-20-m-currency400
Character Dialogue
C-shenzi-ttc Jackpot! Those mangy ol' lions don't even know we're HERE yet! And THAT means, if Banzai, Ed and me keep it stealthy...
C-shenzi-ttc ...We'll get our pick of the prey! This is gonna be as easy as takin' a gazelle fawn from a--
C-scar Ahem. I believe you were saying something about "mangy old lions," hmm...? Perhaps you'd care to go into more... DETAIL.
C-shenzi-ttc ... Gleep.


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