Character Dialogue
C-honey lemon-ttc I'm SO glad you reached out, Hiro! I've been analyzing air samples ALL DAY, and I JUST found out... (Oh, this is so exciting...!)
C-hiro-ttc "... Found out" what? Something fixable? PLEASE tell me it's fixable.
C-honey lemon-ttc ... Found out that I have NO idea what's causing those lights! Ooh, I just LOVE impossible chemistry problems, don't you?
C-hiro-ttc Oh. Uh... In this case? Not really.
C-honey lemon-ttc Oh! Right: I'm getting carried away again. Well.. why don't we call the rest of the team and see if they have any ideas?

Peer Review

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-honey lemon-ttc
Level 1
Send Honey Lemon and Hiro to host a video chat.
"Host a Video Chat"
2h T-refresh1, Update-20-m-currency400
Level 1
Character Dialogue
C-honey lemon-ttc See? It doesn't matter how big a problem is. If you get enough friends together, one of them will have a solution!
C-hiro-ttc Yeah... if you can hear them, anyway. Is it just me, or was Go Go skydiving WHILE we were on that call?
C-honey lemon-ttc Everyone needs a hobby, Hiro. Sometimes, it's a hobby that involves 100 decibels of wind-related background noise!
C-honey lemon-ttc Besides, I thought she came up with a very elegant plan, don't you? We should get right on it!


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