The Pin Cushion Band Token is used to Level Up Eudora.

It can be purchased with Elixirs from Merlin's Shop.


How to obtain

Character Activity + Time Rewards
Level 1
Jazz Tunes 2h M-xp10, M-magic75
Level 7
Alpha to Eagle-Eye M-c-buzz lightyear
Lvl ?
2h M-xp13, M-magic100
C-mama odie
Level 2
Fighting Shadows
* Dr. Facilier's Voodoo Emporium
4h M-xp13, M-magic110
Level 2
Searching Inside
* Mama Odie's Tree
6h M-xp16, M-magic155
C-prince naveen
Level 2
Watching for Shadows
* Dr. Facilier's Voodoo Emporium
Lvl 2
8h M-xp25, M-magic270
Other Source Time Rewards
Shop-merlins shop Merlin's Shop M-elixir150 Instant
C-enchanted chest-bronze-c Bronze Chest Instant
C-enchanted chest-resource-c Resource Chest Instant
C-kingdom-incredible Syndrome's Zero Point Energy Rings: Testing Zero Gravity 6h M-xp12, M-magic105
C-kingdom-tpatf Dr. Facilier's Voodoo Emporium: Reading the Cards 6h M-xp12, M-magic105


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