Pirates of the Caribbean is an attraction released with Pirates of the Caribbean Part 2, Peter Pan Part 2 Update on 1st August 2018. It is unlocked during the Full Sail! quest when Tia Dalma is Level 2.


Pirates of the Caribbean



Enchantment Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1 T-blueprint common20 T-relic potc10 T-ip-pirates of the caribbean10 M-magic2,000 4h T-tia dalma-3 M-magic+7
Level 2 T-blueprint uncommon15 T-relic potc20 T-ip-pirates of the caribbean20 M-magic5,000 6h T-captain barbossa-2 M-magic+10
Level 3 T-blueprint rare10 T-relic potc40 T-ip-pirates of the caribbean30 M-magic15,000 8h T-captain barbossa-3 M-magic+13
Level 4 T-blueprint epic7 T-relic potc80 T-ip-pirates of the caribbean40 M-magic50,000 12h T-scar-2 M-magic+16
Level 5 T-blueprint legendary5 T-relic potc150 T-ip-pirates of the caribbean50 M-magic150,000 24h T-two chances

Lvl Activity + Time Rewards Tokens
C-tia dalma
Level 3
Reading the Shells
* Pirates of the Caribbean
4h M-xp13, M-magic110 T-dumbo-3
C-tia dalma
Level 7
Making Plans
* Pirates of the Caribbean
M-c-captain barbossa
Lvl 8
4h M-xp17, M-magic150 T-davy jones-2 T-davy jones-3


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