Character Dialogue
C-elsa-frozen I didn't stop him, Anna. Hans rode off towards the ice palace and Marshmallow! I sent a letter to the Southern Isles...
C-elsa-frozen ...and I'm sure they'll revoke his official credentials, but I'm still worried about what he might do.
C-anna-frozen Don't worry, Elsa. Hans is the WORST, but we can beat him. All we need to do is think up a plan even twistier than his!

Plan "B"

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Elsa and Anna to find a new Hans strategy.
"Think Up Strategy"
2h M-xp5, Update-7-m-currency50
Level 6
Character Dialogue
C-anna-frozen Okay! It'll take all of us and some crazily coordinated timing, but it just might work. What do you think?
C-elsa-frozen Hmm... This WOULD distract Hans long enough for us to find a way to wake up Marshmallow...
C-elsa-frozen But are you sure we need the hot air balloon?
C-anna-frozen Too much? Because my backup plan was triggering an avalanche, but then we'd need to clean up the palace afterwards...
C-elsa-frozen I think as long as we keep it simple, we'll do just fine!


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