Character Dialogue
C-jafar Iago! THERE you are, you impudent little twit! If you'd assisted me in my battle against Aladdin, I might have won the day!
C-iago Oh! Um... Jafar! Yeah. Thought I'd be better as... background support on that one. Not tryin' to distance myself from you AT ALL.
C-iago *gulp* And there's the evil eye... *sigh* Fine. But ONE word about me workin' that STUPID treadmill again, and I AM OUT!

Polly Wanna Conspiracy?

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 5
Send Jafar and Iago to hatch a scheme together.
"Hatch a Scheme"
6h Xp5, M-magic50[1]
Level ?
  1. The rewards were Xp5, Update-13-m-currency50 during A Whole New World Event 2017
Character Dialogue
C-jafar ... During which I will grab hold of the lamp! And THEN...
C-iago Wait, wait, WAIT! Stop! Rewind! Back to that part about me socking Genie in the face -- I'm LESS THAN THRILLED with that part.
C-jafar Careful, Iago... if you're not willing to do what's necessary, then I'm SURE I can find someone who--
C-iago Yeah, yeah, save your breath, pal. Call me when you've got a plan that DOESN'T turn me into rotisserie parrot.
C-jafar *sigh* ... A pity. SO difficult to find reliable subordinates, these days.


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