Character Dialogue
C-c-3po Oh, my... I'm terribly sorry, but it appears my optical sensors must be malfunctioning.
C-c-3po What other explanation could there be for me to have seen THOSE beastly little creatures wandering about...?
C-c-3po Ahh... that IS a relief. I am pleased to announce that my optical malfunction seems to have corrected itself!


Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-porgs Shoo Away Porgs! *
"Spawn Rate: 4 every 60 minutes"
Instant Update-36-m-currency8

* This quest is only available till the event pre-requisites are completed.

Character Dialogue
C-c-3po And none too soon, either... At that rate, I'd be having visions of pink peko-pekos, next!


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