Character Dialogue
C-the queen My huntsman failed, the poisoned apple too, and the Curse as well...
C-the queen But I have other tools at hand... An enchanted bodice, to steal her breath... a poisoned comb, to stop her heart...
C-the queen Yes! I need only prepare the proper brew, and then, my revenge will be complete!

Potions 101

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-the queen
Level 1
Send the Queen to mix up something new.
"Mix Something New"
4h M-xp5, Update-16-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-the queen Yes... Yes! All is prepared!
C-the queen But wait... Nothing must be overlooked... Ah, here are the next steps...
C-the queen "For the poison to seep through, place the corset and comb beneath a cloak of midnight black for EIGHTY YEARS!"
C-the queen No! I will not wait!
C-the queen I will have my revenge before the season's end!


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