Character Dialogue
C-violet-ti It's kind of weird being a Super in public...
C-violet-ti I was used to hiding my powers, so being this well-known feels really new. Guess I'm gonna have to get used to it, though.
C-violet-ti Which means I probably should show everyone what I can do. That way, if they're in trouble, they'll know how I can help.

Powerful Powers

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Violet to show off her skills at the Obstacle Course. *
"Show Off at Obstacle Course"
4h Update-2-m-currency25

* Requires Omnidroid Obstacle Course

Character Dialogue
C-violet-ti Well, I did my best to demonstrate my skills... but I'm not so sure that people were paying attention.
C-violet-ti Maybe it was because I was invisible half of the time...
C-violet-ti But what can I do? How are you supposed to SHOW people that they can't SEE you?!


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