Character Dialogue
C-li shang-mulan The centerpiece of our Lantern Festival demonstration will be our unit's signature bo-staff drill...
C-li shang-mulan ... Well, MY signature bo-staff drill, I suppose -- with apologies for that bit of self-regard.
C-li shang-mulan I always was a student of the form -- so this year, the Emperor's given me sanction to debut a routine of my own design.
C-li shang-mulan I'd better confirm that I have the motions down before I run the troops through it. Have to set a good example!

Practice Makes Perfect

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-li shang-mulan
Level 3
Send Shang to hone his bo-staff routine.
"Practice for the Routine"
4h Xp5, Update-8-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-li shang-mulan (Forward thrust, forward thrust, REVERSE hook kick, not TURNING hook kick... Shouldn't have been so AMBITIOUS, Shang...)
C-li shang-mulan Oh! Ah... everything's in order over here. Going according to plan.
C-li shang-mulan Routine entirely in keeping with the Li family's flawlessly high military standards, to which I am the only heir. ... Naturally.
C-li shang-mulan ... May want to build in some extra practice time before the festival, though. ... For the troops' sake.
C-li shang-mulan (I don't care if nobody ELSE notices that my last strike is three degrees off-center -- I'LL notice!)


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