Character Dialogue
C-prince naveen-tpatf Faldi Faldonza... this could be serious. Are you sure she is not just checking on the ball's beverage shipment?
C-eudora-tpatf I might be, if I'd known there WAS a beverage shipment.
C-prince naveen-tpatf But of course there is! Do you know how hard it is to find a quality beverage in this city? Securing enough of them takes time!
C-prince naveen-tpatf Still, you are right: It is best if two of us are searching for her just in case. We can meet up together later on, yes?

Prince on Patrol

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-prince naveen-tpatf
Level 1
Send Prince Naveen to help with the search.
"Help with the Search"
4h M-xp5, Update-27-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-prince naveen-tpatf All right, all right, I know what everyone is thinking: "Naveen! What is this? It looks as if you are only cutting a rug!"
C-prince naveen-tpatf To that, I say: "Think again!"
C-prince naveen-tpatf Tiana and I often joke that she would recognize the sound of my playing a mile away -- so this is my way of finding her! You see?
C-prince naveen-tpatf of course, we also joke that the sound of my playing could cause an automobile crash a mile away, so...
C-prince naveen-tpatf ... Anyway. This is the best idea I had on short notice.


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