Character Dialogue
C-lilo Okay, Stitch... This is it! Our entire future as completely amazing beach-party dancers is all riding on this! Are you ready?
C-stitch-tlm Hahaaa! Emba-chua!

(Hahaaa! You said it!)

C-lilo Trick question -- YOU WERE BORN READY. Just like me! Now, let's get this party started!!!
C-stitch-tlm Whooooo!!! Taka! Taka!!!

(Whooooo!!! Thanks! Thanks!!!)

Pump Up the Volume!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Stitch & Lilo to GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!. *
6h M-xp45, Update-23-m-currency250
Level 1

* Requires 'Ohana

Character Dialogue
C-lilo AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!! Well... mostly Nani and Angel and Mr. Bubbles. But that still counts!
C-stitch-tlm Lilo! Lilo! Kata bada dooka?

(Lilo! Lilo! May I be destructive?)

C-lilo Maybe next time, Stitch! I know you wanted to smash a guitar at the end, but I asked Nani and she said they're too expensive.
C-stitch-tlm Aww... Smish!

(Aww... I understand!)


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