Character Dialogue
Lady Trusty, I was wondering... What do you think about raising puppies?
Trusty Why... Why, Miss Lady...! Well, uh... I was under the impression that... uh... how I mean to put it is...
Trusty Uh... well, isn't this the sorta thing you should be askin' Tramp about instead of me?
Lady Oh, Tramp and I do talk about it. It's just, well, he and I were raised so differently, I thought you might have some advice.
Trusty ... Advice! Oh -- well, advice is another matter entirely, Miss Lady... and speakin' as your friend, I would be happy to give it!

Puppy Care

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 5
Send Trusty & Lady to talk about parenthood.
"Talk about Parenthood"
8h Experience5, Magic50
Level 1
Character Dialogue
Trusty Now, you understand, I've never considered matrimony -- and so have never been responsible for a litter myself...
Trusty But in my experience, puppies need firm rules AND lots of love.
Trusty Now Tramp, he might have a problem with the first, but I know you both give those pups of yours plenty of the second.
Lady Why, thank you, Trusty. That makes me feel much better. I just... well, I worry about these things, you know.
Trusty Don't you be worryin', Miss lady. Those pups got themselves the best parents a dog could ask for.


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