Character Dialogue
C-mad hatter-aiw How silly! I don't know where or when I am!
C-mad hatter-aiw I know WHAT I am, of course -- I'm a Mad Hatter. That's common sense!
C-mad hatter-aiw But I KNOW I was going somewhere to do something... I just don't know how or to who! Hoo-hoo-hoo-hooooo!
C-mad hatter-aiw I have to gather my thoughts, is what I have to do. Maybe one of them will know what I'm here for!

Put On Your Thinking Cap

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mad hatter-aiw
Level 1
Send the Mad Hatter to collect his thoughts.
"Collect Thoughts"
60m Xp5, Update-15-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-mad hatter-aiw Interesting... interesting... very, VERY interesting!
C-mad hatter-aiw All that walking around... and I didn't see one single SOLITARY thought!
C-mad hatter-aiw Maybe they're just hiding. My thoughts can be hard to find even on a good day!


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