RABBIT ALEBRIJES (RABBIT ALEBRIJES) are NPC's available during the A Show to Remember Event 2019.


RABBIT ALEBRIJES are APPEARING all over the Kingdom! Certain characters are able to defeat the RABBIT ALEBRIJES.

Collect Tokens and Select a Character to Catch Them!
Comfy Basket and Sweet Treat Tokens are required in order for a character to catch the Rabbit Alebrijes. These Tokens can be earned by completing activities.

Complete the quest to CATCH RABBIT ALEBRIJES!
Capturing the Rabbit Alebrijes is required to complete quests and progress through the event's storyline.


RABBIT ALEBRIJES can be caught by Miguel Rivera, Mamá Imelda, and Mamá Coco once the quest Follow Your Spirits... is unlocked, by using the Sweet Treat (Sweet Treat Token) and Comfy Basket (Comfy Basket Token) tokens.

To catch a Rabbit Alebrije you will need 2 Sweet Treat Tokens and 1 Comfy Basket Token per character. Catching a Rabbit Alebrije takes 2 minutes and is the only way to get Concert Event Poster (Concert Event Poster Token) tokens to welcome Héctor Rivera.

Similar to Snowgies, RABBIT ALEBRIJES have a spawn rate of 6 every 90 minutes.

Quest Requirements Time Rewards
Follow Your Spirits... Retrieve Concert Posters. Sweet Treat Token2, Comfy Basket Token1 2m Experience2, Vinyl Records5 Concert Event Poster Token1


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